Lotto Brussels Premier Padel 2024

Padel is entering an exciting new phase of growth, its popularity is booming. It is the fastest growing sport in the world.
Padel is the new “in” sport. It is easy, fun, social, family-friendly, exciting, spectacular and accessible to everyone.
This burgeoning sport offers many benefits, synergies and new market opportunities for other-sport related businesses and services as well as in the social and community sector.
New services are already developing around padel including TV broadcasting that is rapidly expanding and creating many new opportunities.

Circus Brussels Padel Open 2023
VIPs World n 4 Stupa and M. Di Nenno

The WPA gathers and offers the best padel brands, products, services and events in Europe.
The World Padel Agency has exclusive contracts and top-quality, innovative solutions for the promotion and development of this sport at all levels.
Padel is one of the world’s fastest growing sport. It is flourishing in Europe and South America and will soon do the same in the US and Asia.

Padel will be the number 1 sport in Europe within 10 years, ahead of football and tennis.

The World Padel Agency is in a prime position to contribute to its growth in partnership with major European and global padel businesses.

There is no question that padel is going to continue to develop, and the time to seize the opportunity to put the World Padel Agency on the World padel map, and bring padel to great crowds, is now.
To become
the n°1 actor in Europe working with major European and global padel businesses and associations.
To create
an aspirational brand offering n°1 padel brands, products, services and events in Europe.
To invest
in and support innovation and growth of this new and exciting sport that is accessible to all.
To bring
the fun, joy, well-being, wonder and spectacle that is padel to more and more people.